Monday, October 1, 2012

long time, but the time is finally here

whoa so we have been so busy between getting ready for the wedding and working and seeing family! I am so excited to finally say that our wedding is only 5 days away now!! super excited and so ready. i get to marry my best friend my soul mate my rock!!! ahh pictures will be up soon :) ahhh so keep in touch and keep following on the other hand my photography business is doing super well, and excited to say ill be doing a bridal show after the holidays at the patriot center! super excited and thankful for all the support i have had and i also thank God for keeping my spirit up and having faith!but shall be back soon :)


Fun Night with Shinedown, Godsmack & Staind

So i had the most wonderful opportunity to do a painting for Shinedown to be auctioned off for charity. They called me on a friday night i had no time to find any other artist but I did two people from Handmade Tattoo Parlor here in Manassas, VA we got to go back stage and be on stage and meet so many amazing talented people. I thank my hubby to be and God so much for this wonderful chance!!!

 Me & Eric Bass after the painting was finished!!!                               Barry Signing it!!!


 Eric & Brent Signing the Painting!!!

Me & Zach Meyers

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Couples shower complete

so the couples shower was a sucess:), thankful for all those who made it & got to spend the lovely day with us eating bbq & chocolate covered strawberries! so lets cut to the chase

 the direction sign at the gravel road

our little date flags which the camera man couldnt capture(will)

and the paper plate boquet for the rehersal

More pictures to come as soon as i get the sd card from my dad:)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family funn session with the Ezzell's

So yesterday i got to do an amazing photo session with the Ezzell Family && a individual session with Jenn herself :) she is so stunning & so are her babies so be see sure to like Delightfully Dandi Photography on FB you can get a direct link from the blog under brandi's passion :)

Tuesdays full of sunshine:)

So lets just get down to business last week was really busy & So was the weekend so here are all the pictures over the last week of our lives :)

Maxi Skirt I made love it

Deane && Capone cuddling

On the way to the comany picnic :)

1982 GMC 1500 Project cant wait until its completely restored & is drives great right now!

New vintage glasses i got for my blindness

Earings brie(Deanes sister) brought me back from mexico

start of the shower gifts Deanes unle Paul & aunt Diane couldnt make the shower this upcoming weekend so they sent us a chocoalte stoneware dinning set from our registry love it:)

My little no i left deane when he was having a bad day!

so i also got to pick up my wedding dress for the last time yesterday but i cant post pics of that ;)

Deane & Brandi

Friday, July 6, 2012

what to do this weekend...

soo... we dont really have muched planned for this weekend, picking deane's parents up from the airport then pretty much relaxing. I have my first family photo session on monday with the Ezzell's. Im super excited then i have some makeup lessons coming up, and aniversary shoots, and senior portraits shoots! Im so blessed and excited to get started! im still in school so im juggling that as well! well hope you all enjoy our blogs and we'll be back after this weekend with some pictures:)

-deane & brandi

Thursday, July 5, 2012

91 days and counting :)

SO were getting really close 91 days and counting down until we say "I Do". we are so excited so today i went and did bridal flowers which I'm super excited for in two weeks i pick up my dress again :) and then i went to pet smart to get our babies some new stuff and some smelling good shampoo.. so the fourth was amazing we watched fireworks from our roof and lit some off with the neighbors. It was definitely very romantic:) hope everyone had an amazing fourth!!!!

Our collection :)

beautiful summer day on the 4th

roof top view




stevo with his new scratch pad

stevo and capone:)

-Brandi & Deane